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Panfandom prompt-writing community. Prompts are based on albums.
Album Concepts

Pair the music you love with the muses you write. Choose an album, and write prompt responses based on the songs on that album. Responses may use the lyrics, the titles, the general feel of the song, some association you have with the song--any way you interpret it to create a prompt response. Your claim is completed when you have written one short fic for each song on your chosen album.

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Community Rules

1. RP is not required. Though, if you wish to then by all means, go right ahead. The mods won't interfere. HOWEVER, if anyone is found harassing members to play with them will not be tolerated. Sad fact but true. These people will be banninated.

2. Also; wank, rudeness and being a general dick will be treated in pretty much the same manner.

3. TWO of each muse is allowed, but the muses must be written by different players. In other words, one writer may not occupy both slots for a given muse.

4. The use of albums is unlimited. However, stealing ideas from other writers means instant bannination. With no warning. I am your lord and master. It will do you good to remember that. (Ed: We apologise, we should know better than to let Crispy write the rules.)

5. There is a limit of three muses per writer at any one time.

6. A writer may use the same album only twice for their various muses.

7. You will be issued with two tags, one for fandom/muse and one for album artist. Please use these.

8. There is no time frame to finish your chosen album, however if you haven't posted in two months we reserve the right to contact you about your claim. Main reason of which is simply to put our minds at ease and update our records. Though two people may have the same muse, that does not mean that there won't be people waiting for a free spot. If you need to be granted a hiatus, just ask. The mods don't bite. Unless you ask us to anyway.

9. Naturally, anything longer than 200 words MUST be put behind a cut. Adult content must also be placed behind a cut AND due warning given. Not everyone participating/watching this community is an adult. Same thing goes for spoilers. Not everyone likes to be spoiled so be considerate.

10. Word counts? What word count? There are no minimum or maximum word counts in this neck of the woods however, be reasonable. A two word response is not going to count.

11. We all like our privacy yes? Anne Onymous is one of my closest friends. As such, do not out the writers of various characters. Not unless you are said writer. Trust me, we know where you live.

12. OT postings should be posted to ac_linernotes

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